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WOW Moments

What I’m talking about are those moments in life when you actually say ‘Wow!’ out loud. And, because I’m me, I’m talking about the ones that specifically related to books.

I’ve had a number of them over the years. Like when I’d just finished reading the first four books in Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series (in 2008), and realised that the first book was advertised at the back of one of my favourite books, one that I’d had for over five years. If only I’d paid more attention earlier!

I had another one just now, whilst looking for a book to fit into my 30 Day Book Challenge. Browsing through my reading log (the list I keep of every book I’ve read in the last 12 years), I discovered that the second book I ever listed, and the book I just finished reading on Saturday, were written by the same person, Suzanne Weyn. This is all the more surprising to me because the first book was Ballet Debut (one of Barbie’s adventures), and the latter The Crimson Thread, a part of the Once Upon a Time series I’ve been reading. These two books just seem so far apart, and separated by twelve years, it’s hard to get my head around them. But there they are!

Just a random Wow! moment, brought to you by me. 🙂


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April Short Reviews

So I’ve decided to start doing short reviews of the books I have read each month. Just something to keep myself (and hopefully any readers out there!) entertained. So off we go!

Featured this month:

On the Edge – Richard Hammond

Lucky Man – Michael J Fox

Beauty – Robin McKinley

Midnight Pearl – Debbie Viguié  (Once Upon a Time series)

Before Midnight – Cameron Dokey (Once Upon a Time series)

Muzzle Flash – D.D. Marks



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I thought that …

I thought that this was particularly appropriate given my last post… Just change ten to thirty. 😛Image

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March 31, 2012 · 7:20 pm

My List of Shame

(Otherwise known as: All The Books I Have Bought in the Last Month – a.k.a. I Really Can’t Sleep/Reminding Myself Why I Am NOT Allowed to Browse BookDepository)

This really is just a random posting of all of the books I have bought recently. Mostly because I can’t sleep, but also because I just find it funny/entertaining/horrifying to look at. 😛

Side note: I’ve been going through a bit of a biography/YA phase. They don’t really fit together, but it’s certainly made life interesting!

Books with ** have been read. Books with * I am currently in the process of reading, sort of.

From February 20, 2012: aplaceformorethoughts

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Reading a book?

I came across this video earlier today, suggested as a useful and hilarious clip to watch with students.

Not sure how I feel about the whole ‘stealing books from the librar’y aspect of it…. Still, it’s definitely entertaining!:)

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