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Shelf Life – Nikki Gemmell

I found this delightful article on libraries in The Australian magazine over the weekend. I thought it beautifully described libraries and their place in society and just had to share it!

This is by far my favourite quote from the article, captures my feelings almost exactly!

Libraries are embracing the cool factor; they’re becoming sexy sanctuaries of thought that force you to pause in the mad rush of life.

Click the link below to read this fabulous article!



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30 Day Book Challenge: Day 30

Day 30: Favourite coffee table book

So I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and try to complete a 30 Day Challenge, specifically about books. 🙂 I found this challenge online somewhere but have decided to twist it a little by doing it backwards. Mostly because I don’t want to tell you my favourite book until the very end. 😛 Ready? And off we go!

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Most Beautiful Libraries

Really, how could I ever go past this book? It is a collection of photographs of some very amazing libraries throughout the world. This collection has stunning images of beautiful books, art, architecture and rooms throughout the world and is just a fantastic thing for anyone to be able to flip through and admire.

Here’s some of the featured libraries, just to show you how amazing this book is!

Royal Library in El Escorial

Royal Library in El Escorial

New York Pulbic Library

Long Room, Trinity College Library

Long Room, Trinity College Library

And many, many more! 😀

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