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Reading a book?

I came across this video earlier today, suggested as a useful and hilarious clip to watch with students.

Not sure how I feel about the whole ‘stealing books from the librar’y aspect of it…. Still, it’s definitely entertaining!:)


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Why I want to be a librarian…

There is one reason in particular why I have started up this blog (though I hope that I may find it useful for other reasons as well). That reason is university assignment requirements. Sigh.

Presently I am attempting to pass my Masters of Education so that I may become a teacher librarian. I have wanted to be one for the last three years. And really, why wouldn’t I?

love books and libraries, reading and writing, and pretty well anything you can do with a book. (Except e-books, not such a fan.) When asked what my main hobby/interest is, the first thing that comes to mind is always books and reading. I cannot envision a world without the paperback or hardback novel, no matter what the book skeptics say. The book (pretty much in its current form) has been around for nearly 600 years: in that time it’s become a staple of life, a prominent feature throughout history, aiding us in our attempts at civilisation, in our struggle to express ourselves. Why would you want to get rid of it?


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