April Short Reviews

So I’ve decided to start doing short reviews of the books I have read each month. Just something to keep myself (and hopefully any readers out there!) entertained. So off we go!

Featured this month:

On the Edge – Richard Hammond

Lucky Man – Michael J Fox

Beauty – Robin McKinley

Midnight Pearl – Debbie Viguié  (Once Upon a Time series)

Before Midnight – Cameron Dokey (Once Upon a Time series)

Muzzle Flash – D.D. Marks

On the Edge – Richard Hammond

Rating: 4/5

This memoir – written by both Hammond and his wife, Mindy – was recommended to me by a close friend, and I am so glad that I went ahead and read it. On September 30, 2006, Hammond crashed a jet engine car at high speeds, sending him to hospital with a serious brain injury. The memoir focuses specifically on the aftereffects of this accident, and the experiences of Richard and his wife during the long recovery process. This was an incredibly touching memoir. The relationship between Mindy and Richard is so inspiring and so amazingly strong, it forms the perfect backdrop to this heart wrenching true story. This is a fantastic book and I strongly recommend it, even if memoirs aren’t your normal pick.


  Lucky Man – Michael J. Fox

Rating: 5/5

If Michael J. Fox hadn’t succeeded as an actor, he would have done brilliantly as an author. In Lucky Man, Fox recounts his experiences with Parkinson’s Disease and its effect on his life, specifically his career as an actor. This memoir could so easily have been depressing yet Fox’s candidness and positive outlook ensure that this is not the case. Instead, Lucky Man is an inspirational example of what people can and can’t endure whilst remaining positive. This memoir is beautifully written – a must for any biography lovers shelf!

  Beauty – Robin McKinley

Rating: 4/5

In this retelling of the traditional Beauty and the Beast tale, Beauty is the youngest (and least beautiful) of three daughters. When their father loses all of his money, the family are forced to move to the country, where magic abounds. It is not long before her father unwittingly finds himself within the grounds of a magical castle, and his theft of a single rose leads to Beauty’s imprisonment there, accompanied only by a strange wind and the hideous Beast. However, as Beauty gets to know the Beast she realises he may not be so hideous after all… A great twist on the traditional favourite!

The Hunger Games –  Suzanne Collins

Hold tight – review to come!

  Midnight Pearls – Debbie Viguié  (Once Upon a Time series)

Rating: 3/5

A fun retelling of ‘The Little Mermaid’, Viguié’s novel takes an interesting spin on the traditional story. This is a short, fast paced novel about love, friendship and family. Pearl is the mysterious daughter of a fisherman and James is her best friend and heir to the throne. It is their close friendship and Pearl’s forgotten magical past that put everything they know and love in danger – and has the potential to save it, too! A fun and easy read, this book is great for teens (and adults, too!) who are looking for something light and romantic to read. Just what I was looking for! (See more about Midnight Pearls here!)

  Before Midnight – Cameron Dokey (Once Upon a Time series)

Rating: 3/5

 Before Midnight is a great adaptation of the ‘Cinderella’ fairy tale, in which Cendrillon (‘child of the cinders’) is abandoned by her father after her mother dies in childbirth. Cendrillon grows up with only Raoul, a mysterious boy left at the house by her father, and wishes only for a mother and sisters she can love. And this is a land where wishes come true in the most unexpected ways…  In this retelling, Dokey twists the traditional fairy tale, casting the stepmother and stepsisters in a more favourable light. She does, however, keep the ball, the glass slippers and the pumpkins that we know and love so well. This was a great, light hearted adventure – a really fun retelling of a classic story! (See more about Before Midnight here!)

  Muzzle Flash – D.D. Marks

Rating: 4/5

 Muzzle Flash is the third explosive adventure for super spy Olesia Anderson. This fast-paced novella sees Olesia travel to a small island in the West Indies to retrieve Aditya Singh, wanted by his employers for stealing millions of dollars. But, as always with Agent 806, nothing is ever that simple. The perfect blend of smart, sassy and incredibly sexy, Olesia just can’t help but turn a simple situation into a complicated one. The result is a gripping and sexy spy thriller, filled with gunfights, explosions, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Muzzle Flash is a must read!

Interested in reading more about Olesia Anderson? An Omnibus of her first three adventures has just been released! Get reading! (Note: Due to the incredibly sexy nature of Olesia and her adventures, this is NOT suitable for under 18s.)



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  1. I love re-tellings, hence I’ve got to check out midnight pearls.

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