It’s been awhile… July Short Reviews

Apologies for being AWOL over the last three months or so, real life caught up with me! But hopefully that’s over with… Here are my July short reviews, I should follow up shortly with a review of Anna Karenina (I’ve been reading it since July 24!).

July Short Reviews

Mentioned this month:

  • Moment of Truth and Hour of Need by Michael Pryor
  • The Free Fellows League by Rebecca Hagan Lee


  Moment of Truth – Michael Pryor (Laws of Magic #5)

Rating: 4/5

When war is declared, Aubrey, George and Caroline enlist in the Special Services, determined to do everything they can to restore peace. Aubrey and his espionage unit are sent into Gallia, near the border of Holmland, and told to monitor (from a distance) the magical outpourings from the town of Stalsfrieden. But when war comes to them in full force, the unit makes the decision to travel into Holmland and explore the town for themselves. What they discover in Stalsfrieden is a terrifying blend of magic and machinery that has the potential to destroy hundreds of thousands of lives, and win the war for Holmland.  I really enjoyed this novel – though I still find Pryor’s tendency to be overly descriptive a bit annoying. This was a fast-paced fantasy adventure novel that was gripping and thrilling the whole way through, and the cast of characters was superb. The end of the novel just left me wanting more and I eagerly look forward to joining Aubrey, Caroline and George on their final adventure! Moment of Truth was a truly enjoyable read – it is books like this that make the rest of the series worth it!

  Hour of Need – Michael Pryor (Laws of Magic #6)

Rating: 3.5/5

As the horrors of war continue, Aubrey Fitwilliam grows more and more determined to do everything he can to put an end to it, even when it comes at the disgrace of his own name. He travels further into Holmland, accompanied by his ever-faithful and capable friends, George, Sophie and the redoubtable Caroline Hepworth. What they discover there and in the Gallian trenches makes Aubrey certain that stopping the machinations of the ruthless Dr Tremaine is the only way to end the war.  For Dr Tremaine is bent on achieving immortality, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives, and Aubrey and his friends are certain that  they are the only ones who can stop him. Hour of Need was a great adventure story, with just the right amounts of fantasy, steampunk and romance. This was a really enthralling end to the series, and it was great to see how these wonderful characters developed and matured. Perhaps it ended a bit too hastily, but otherwise I really quite enjoyed it.

  Free Fellows League – Rebecca Hagan Lee

Overall Rating: 3/5

The books Barely a Bride, Merely the Groom, Hardly a Husband and Truly a Wife provided a great escape into the world of regency romance. The Free Fellows are a group of young men who have made an oath to never be held down by the horrors of love and marriage, unless they must do so to in order to serve their country. With the books set during the Napoleonic Wars, these young men are dedicated to serving their country, and they will do anything to do so – even marriage. These were great (mostly) light-hearted books, and I enjoyed them very much, reading all four in three days. I preferred some books over others (Barely a Bride and Hardly a Husband were my personal favourites), but that is definitely merely a matter of opinion – my sister’s favourite is Truly a Wife. A great series of regency romance novels, perfect for light-hearted reading that just sweeps you away. A warning though: I couldn’t put them down!


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