Tagged (Cyberbullying)

Tagged is an Australian short film that deals with the effects and implications of cyberbullying. I mentioned it a bazillion years ago (Facebook and Cyberbullying), but only just got around to watching it, and I’m glad I did.

Tagged is brilliantly filmed, and deals with the issues surrounding cyberbullying in a fantastic, and highly realistic way. This is a must watch, particularly for anyone involved in schooling (teachers, staff, students, parents = anyone!). Digital ethics education is becoming increasingly important, and it is only through using and promoting films like this that we can ensure that everyone is aware of the implications of using the Internet for harm.

Go on, watch it! I think it’s fantastic.

Also, Tagged has managed to win Internation Media Awards for its portrayal of key social issues.

One last point before I go:

At the end of the day, cyber bullying and sexting don’t just affect the victim; it can have a significant effect on whole communities.

This is a serious issue for twenty-first century life and learning, don’t let it go unnoticed




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3 responses to “Tagged (Cyberbullying)

  1. Madame Penelope

    This reminds me of a similar situation that occurred at my high school last year. A small group of girls created a “gossip girl”-like site and posted dirt about ‘popular’ girls and their dramas from all over the city. It didn’t escalate far, or publicly, but it was pretty horrendous while it lasted.

    • That sounds just horrible! I can never understand what makes people think that doing this stuff is a good idea…

      • Madame Penelope

        It was. I’m still not sure exactly how it ended, but I’m glad it did, and I’m glad it never went *too* far – though perhaps its creation was too far to begin with.

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