30 Day Book Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: The book that makes you feel sick

Wow, this challenge is very different from the last! From a book that changed my life (in a happy way!) to a book that makes me feel just a little bit queasy to think about….

Kushiel’s Avatar – Jacqueline Carey

I was contemplating this challenge, and really struggling to think of a book that actually makes me feel sick. And then my thoughts wandered to this one, and I found myself reflexively clutching my stomach. … The Kushiel’s Legacy series is amazing, and Phedre no Delauney is one of my favourite characters (I dressed up as her for my 21st birthday party), and yet the thought of re-reading this book is close to horrifying.

First and foremost, Phedre is a courtesan. But not just any courtesan. For she has been chosen by Kushiel (one of the main ‘gods’ in the series), selected to find pleasure in pain. Basically, Phedre is a masochist, and this makes for some very entertaining and breathtaking scenes. I will happily re-read this series, for it is truly fantastic, but some parts – and in particular some of the scenes in Kushiel’s Avatar are just that little bit too confronting.

Part of this is because Carey’s writing is so enthralling, so engaging. But also it is because Phedre is such a fantastic character. I just don’t want her to go through what happens in that book again – and I guess I sort of believe that if I don’t read it, she won’t. So there you have it, this book makes me feel sick. And yet, I would recommend this series to anyone who loves high fantasy, mixed with adventure, romance, sex and political intrigue. Though, if you’re a bit squeamish then the Naamah books might be more to your taste!


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