30 Day Book Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: First “chapter book” you can remember reading as a child

Sorry for the lateness, once again! In the middle of assignments, and my head is filled with vision statements and 21st century learning rather than books. But here we go! I’ll try to push through a few today! 🙂

Temmi and the Flying Bears – Stephen Elboz

This book was probably my first real introduction to the worlds of fantasy. Clearly, I loved it. I can remember finding this book, way back in Primary School, and buying it for a friend’s birthday present. Only thing was, I loved the look and sound of it so much that I made my mum buy two copies, just so that I could read it too. All these years later, I don’t really remember what the story was about, except that there were flying bears and lots of ice. But I do remember it as one of the first chapter books that I read all on my own, and that’s something! And what an introduction to fantasy!


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