30 Day Book Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: Shortest book you’ve read

Technically, the answer to this should be one of the Barbie Adventure books I used to read when I was younger, but in some way, listing an old children’s book just seems like cheating. Instead, the shortest book I’ve read (that’s book, not play), is a young adult book.

Winter – John Marsden

Winter returns home at the age of sixteen to discover herself, and the truth of what happened when her parents died, leaving her orphaned at four years old. At only 135 pages long, Winter is a concise journey of self-discovery that explores the complex relationships which make up our lives. I’ve never fully decided how much I like Winter. I have enjoyed it, certainly, but I think it lacks that character attachment which I find so necessary in the books I love.

Nonetheless, Winter is an interesting story of discovery and coming of age, combined with a great exploration of relationships and grief. A pretty good read for most young adults.


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