30 Day Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: Book you haven’t finished

This challenge originally read “Book you tell people you’ve read but you actually haven’t (or haven’t actually finished)”, but this didn’t strictly apply to me, so I’m ignoring it. 😛

The closest I have is a book that I’ve never been able to finish, and I don’t know that I ever will. And this is saying something! I’m one of those vaguely insane people who needs to finish a book once they’ve started it, even if they’re not enjoying it. I believe that every book has something worth saying for itself, and the least I can do is give it (and the author) a decent chance. The result of this is that I have finished almost every single book that I have started. Most of those I haven’t finished (and there aren’t many!) I have forgotten. But this book I have always remembered, because I was so disappointed not to be able to finish it.

Perfume: the Story of a Murderer – Patrick Süskind

I first picked up this book for one reason, and one reason only: I absolutely loved the film.

In the best cases, it’s generally not a good idea to read the book after seeing the film – everything has already been imagined and depicted for you, it leaves no room for you to make up your own mind about what is happening or will happen. And that, for me, is a large part of the magic of reading. In the case of Perfume, not only had I already seen the film, I had adored it. It was my favourite film for at least eight months! (And this was back in the day when my favourite film changed every month or so…)

Furthermore, I struggled to connect with the main character, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, and with the plotline in general. In the end, I gave up on this book about two weeks and not-many-pages in. Maybe I’ll pick it up again and finish it someday. Or maybe not. We’ll see, I guess.


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