30 Day Book Challenge: Day 27

Day 27: Your favourite book title

And one more post to get myself up to date!

I thought long and hard about this day’s challenge. I’ve read so many books, it’s hard to pick out one title from all of them. In the end I chose a title that I love, not just for the words alone, but for what they mean within the story of the novel itself.

The Well of Shades – Juliet Marillier

Juliet Marillier will probably feature quite heavily in this challenge. She is my favourite author, the one whose books I can read and feel as if she’s written it just for me. The Well of Shades is the third (and hopefully not final!) book in the Bridei Chronicles, an historical fantasy series which follows the life of Bridei, who in history was King of the Picts until his death in the 580s. In the novel series, Bridei is a honourable and lovable man who comes into power at a young age. Well of Shades, however, focuses more on Bridei’s companion and bodyguard, Faolan as he travels to Ireland to reconnect with his family (who just might be my favourite character of all time – so many favourites in this post!).

The well of shades of the title physically refers to a dark cavern in which the previous kings had sacrificed young maidens to appease a god. Bridei had put an end to this practice in an earlier book, refusing to sacrifice more lives. Subsequently the title is more metaphorical, referring to the ‘well of shades’ within each of us. The darkness within that each person must overcome in order to live peacefully and happily. In keeping with this, each of the characters in this novel is forced to overcome their own personal well of shades, they confront the darkness within and (hopefully) overcome it.

The Well of Shades is my favourite title because of what it represents. Because of the way that these characters fight for what they truly believe in, even against themselves. It’s hard to explain why I adore this title (and the book) as much as I do without giving the story away. So, naturally, I’d recommend that you give the Bridei Chronicles a try and see for yourself why The Well of Shades is my favourite title out of all of the books I have read!


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