That is exactly what my mind is screaming at me… In an excited, fan-girly way, naturally. It is the National Year of Reading, and there are so many books awaiting publication that I am looking forward to getting my hands and my eyes on!

My favourite author, Juliet Marillier (rant coming soon!), is releasing not one, but TWO books this year. The first, aimed at young adult (but suitable for everyone!) readers is Shadowfell and will be released mid-2012. The second, Flame of Sevenwaters is the fifth book set within and around the Sevenwaters forest and will be released in late-2012. This book focuses on Maeve, grievously injured in a fire when she was only five years old and returning to Sevenwaters at the age of 20 (the oldest protagonist in the Sevenwaters book so far!). I can hardly describe it for my excitement!

A new author whose work I am eagerly keeping an eye on is Christopher Ruz. Ruz is not my typical kind of author, straying far from the strange mix of fantasy/adventure/romance/history/intrigue that I love, but he has succeeded in catching my attention nonetheless. His short story The Ant Tower I found particularly interesting and exciting and I was thrilled to hear that he will shortly be publishing the first book in a trilogy which was inspired by the short story, titled Century of Sand. Unfortunately, Ruz’s stories are only being released as ebooks for the moment, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a good read! (Even I caved, and trust me, it was worth it!)

Some other fantasy books I am eagerly awaiting are:

City of Dragons – Robin Hobb (NOW! Just waiting for my pre-ordered copy to get here!)

Bridge of Dreams – Anne Bishop (March 2012)

BitterblueKristin Cashore (May 2012)

The Traitor QueenTrudi Canavan (August 2012)

Also, keeping my eyes peeled for some interesting new general fiction novels! I’m sure there will be some interesting new ones getting published this year – it is the National Year of Reading, after all! 😀

Note: After some nice, cheap books to expand your personal library collection? Visit bookdepository.co.uk! (And yes, I do sound like an ad, but I don’t want to think how much money this site has saved(/cost) me! 😛


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