Facebook and Cyberbullying

I found this, quite ironically, whilst trawling facebook and I wanted to share it, but no way that I’m sharing it there… Such a poignant video, it made me want to do something, and yet, I’m not ready to leave facebook.

Which is an incredibly strange thing to say. This guy is so right about so much of facebook, and yet there is something to be said about having a connection to so many people (though I only have 104 facebook ‘friends’, so not too bad). Even if they are people you only know in passing. I’m happy to say that I do know everyone I have friended on facebook – I have met every single one of them in person, and talked to them several times. What saddens me is how many people don’t know their so-called ‘friends’ and yet continue to share the happiest, saddest and most frustrating moments of their lives with them.

There’s been a lot of discussion about facebook in the media recently. Especially with the release of a short film concerning cyber bullying in school titled ‘Tagged‘. I haven’t seen it myself yet, but I look forward to getting my hands on it… Cyber bullying is such an issue in the twenty-first century. It’s an issue that we covered in my studies as a teacher, and it’s one that every educator needs to be aware of…

Last semester I looked at the benefits of creating a presence for a school library on facebook – with the idea that doing so would create greater awareness within the school of the library’s existence and the usefulness of its services. But should we be encouraging this devotion to social networking? Should we, as educators, really be telling our students in this way that it is okay to spend a large part of their lives on facebook?

I don’t know. But I do know that I’m not comfortable with the way that facebook is taking over the lives of young people – and I use it regularly. But there is a difference between using it to connect with people you know, and adding as a ‘friend’ every single person who crosses your path. We can’t know who our children and our students are communicating with on facebook – but I think it’s well past the time that we should be teaching them to use such social networking sites carefully, and wisely. Because the Internet is a dangerous world. An addictive world. And it is so easy for them to get lost…


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