Changes in Society…

Bad grades 1960 2010

Another image that I have found recently. Hilarious and yet horrifying.

This one, I feel, perfectly depicts recent changes in the parental approach to teachers and education. Several of my friends are currently teaching, and I’m always horrified to hear about the power that parents and students can have over teachers…

One of my friends recently told me about a teacher at her school who was in the position of year 8 level coordinator. This teacher was an amazing coordinator who made sure students experienced the repercussions of their actions. If students misbehaved in class, dressed inappropriately or didn’t apply themselves to their studies, they knew that they would be sent to talk to this teacher. He was an excellent disciplinarian who knew the best way to get the best out of his students.

Until one complained to their parents.

The thing with independent grammar schools is that those in charge can often be too concerned with income. And it’s the students, and their parents who provide the school with income. So, a year 8 student complained to mummy and daddy that the coordinator was too mean and mummy and daddy complained to the school. The teacher was removed from his position as year level coordinator and replaced by another teacher who would not be so hard on the students.

As my friend pointed out to me, there are several problems with this. Firstly, the students know that there are no longer any real repercussions for their action. And secondly, and so much worse, they know that if a teacher gives them grief, if they don’t like a teacher, all they have to do is complain to mummy and daddy and all of their problems will go away.

And there is something very, very wrong with that picture.

These students are the future of our society. What are we teaching them if we allow to get away with whatever they want, if we care more about their parents’ money than educating them to be better citizens?


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