Why I want to be a librarian…

There is one reason in particular why I have started up this blog (though I hope that I may find it useful for other reasons as well). That reason is university assignment requirements. Sigh.

Presently I am attempting to pass my Masters of Education so that I may become a teacher librarian. I have wanted to be one for the last three years. And really, why wouldn’t I?

love books and libraries, reading and writing, and pretty well anything you can do with a book. (Except e-books, not such a fan.) When asked what my main hobby/interest is, the first thing that comes to mind is always books and reading. I cannot envision a world without the paperback or hardback novel, no matter what the book skeptics say. The book (pretty much in its current form) has been around for nearly 600 years: in that time it’s become a staple of life, a prominent feature throughout history, aiding us in our attempts at civilisation, in our struggle to express ourselves. Why would you want to get rid of it?

Aside from that, my love of books and reading, of being transported to another world, another time, sifting through pages of knowledge, of ideas new and old…. (Sorry, tad carried away!) It’s something that I wish everyone everywhere was able to enjoy. Part of the role of the librarian is to encourage a love of reading and lifelong learning in those who visit the library. And this is particularly true of students.

I see the encouragement of not just reading but a love of reading as one of the fundamental roles of the teacher-librarian. Linked to this is my own personal belief in the absolute importance of encouraging students to view learning as a lifelong process, and providing them with the skills with which they may continue to learn.

Much as I love reading for pleasure, I also recognise the importance of reading books, journals, articles that teach us something new, that express new ideas and new ways of communicating them. And I just wish that everyone else could feel the same.

And to end this rant… What I most look forward to, in my role as a teacher librarian, is being able to point each individual student in the direction of a book that may just change their life. That would be such a moment of joy and pleasure. I can’t even truly express the way I look forward to being to do that. There aren’t enough words! It’s one I look forward to experiencing, and one I hope never to forget.


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